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price: $100

product code: 289171
server: AQQ / /
Item unit price: 100 $ Deposit amount: 0$
Item Type: Type of transaction: consignment
number of the stuffs: 100 trading status: Not trading
release time: 2022-07-24 time left: Has expired

seller's credit: 卖家信用积分0-9

7day transaction rate: 100 %

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game account: *******

Game nickname: *******

Character level: *******


Disclaimer: 1.The displayed commodity supply and demand information is provided by the buyer and the seller, and the authenticity, accuracy and legality of the information are the responsibility of the information publisher.。
2.National laws stipulate that minors cannot participate in virtual item transactions。

1. Order payment
Enter the online shipping chat page and wait in line
2. Waiting for delivery
The customer service begins to verify the number, and the screenshot is taken to the buyer to confirm whether to continue the purchase
【 Important 】 Account transactions do not use QQ communication, beware of cheaters!
3. Buyer receives the goodsEnter [Personal Center > Unread Messages] to check the account password
Enter [Personal Center > Unread Messages] to check the account password
4. Confirm receipt
After the buyer confirms receipt (login game verification, password change, etc.), the receipt will be automatically confirmed: generally 24 hours; NetEase account 36 hours; QQ account 96 hours
5. Seller Collection
Buyer has confirmed receipt,400热线维护中!!! transfer to seller
6. Successful transaction
The seller receives the payment and the transaction is completed
This product has opened the following service guarantees:
Consignment transactions
consignment transaction400热线维护中!!! ,The goods are in, and the customer service will deliver the goods after payment (7x24 hours service),
Unopened service guarantee:
Find price.mean-while
400热线维护中!!! The exclusive account transaction security service guarantees the security of the account you bought. If the account you bought is recovered by the seller,400热线维护中!!! You will be paid in full。
1 second lightning delivery
Promise 1 second lightning delivery by400热线维护中!!! Automatic delivery without manual operation, without any waiting!
Voucher goods
The voucher is a kind of recharge voucher, which needs to be used within the validity period. It can directly recharge the game currency and deduct the recharge fee for the game to which the commodity belongs.
Use guide>> Directions for use>>
Capture the real
by400热线维护中!!! Make sure the screenshot is valid.